A Complete Vehicle Tracking System for your business

The real-time vehicle tracking system is a product of Pragmagic Labs that aims at providing reliable tracking of vehicles. It is simple to use. The owners and clients can get the accurate location and an analytics of the vehicle. The product has two main components, a GPS tracker, a mobile application for the client.

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All Vehicles On one screen

If you own multiple vehicles, then our tracking software will be able to give you a live location data of all of your automobiles at the same time. Moreover, you can indulge in analytics report with our vehicle tracking system app. A vehicle GPS aids in managing and monitoring all your assets, whether they are on the road or safely parked in your garage.


Know where your vehicles were

With the latest GPS tracking technology, You can get the accurate location history of your vehicle. The polyline drawn on the map shows the route the vehicle has traveled.

Distance Metrics

With this feature, you can monitor the precise distance the vehicle has traveled. The routes the vehicle has traveled can also be monitored. The Pragmagic Tracker makes sure that you are tracking your vehicle and know much more than just locations, always!


Speed History

Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it reaches maximum. You can benefit from this feature from the Pragmagic tracking app. Get alerts instantly and track all your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues. Also, the speed of the vehicle every day will be recorded and can be viewed in the Speed history section.

bird's eye view of all the vehicles

Have you ever wanted to view where all your vehicles are at one specific time? Then this feature of Pragmagic Vehicle Tracker is for you. It helps you view the precise location of all your vehicles on one screen.


Our device options to your track vehicle


Pragma Track is a hardware that will be attached to your vehicle physically and can be monitored or accessed through PragmaTrack app that would be installed in your mobile phone. Along with all the basic features, this device also has unique like distance metrics, speed history, location history and much more.

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The PragmaLocate mobile app converts your Android or iOS device into a GPS tracking device. Installing this app to the devices you want to track, you can monitor these device locations, speed and distance travelled on PragmaTrack mobile app. PragmaLocate is the next best thing if the target user does not want to invest in the hardware (PragmaTrack).

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Wondering how we are different?

We provide accurate information and ensure that everything happens according to plan. Some of the best features are available to you. In addition, we are one of the few companies who offer a free demo. Furthermore, because our products are serverless, any server issues will be eliminated.

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  • Basic Customer Service
  • 30 Days Analytics History
  • On-Call Service Assistance
300/mo Purchase


  • Includes All Basic Features
  • PREMIUM Customer Service
  • 90 Days Analytics History
  • On-field Service/Replacement
600/mo Purchase


  • Includes All Premium Features
  • Contact Us to create a personalized plan based on your requirements for your fleet of vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The Installation requires 5-15 minutes depending on your asset type and our technicians are expert to handle all kinds of assets to provide you the best output through our system.
Availabality of your data depends on your subscription plans, You can check the Pricing Section for more details.
No, the hardware will store the data into the memory until a connection is available. Once a connection is available, the hardware will upload all the data stored back to the database.
Our Vehicle Tracking System works with all types of vehicles that has DC power supply between the range 12v - 50v in it. You can also install our VTS to any of your equipment/asset that has the battery in it.
Yes, we have the ability to add additional sensors if required. We can embed the sensors or build the built in WiFi sensors. We would be happy to discuss the sensor types that you need and the best ways of integrating into the system and creating the analytics structure needed for the data from the sensor.
No. There is no need to have any maintenance with the system after it has been installed.