Reliable and Dependable School Buses Tracking System

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Real Time School Bus Tracking System

The real-time school bus tracking system is a product of Pragmagic Labs that aims at providing reliable tracking of school buses. It is simple to use for both parents and the school transport admin. Parents can find out where their loved ones are, from the app and don't have to call the drivers or transportation desk. Furthermore, the parents don’t have to wait for the school buses at the pickup point for hours, the real-time ETAs and location tracker will help you reach the pickup point at the right time. Additionally, schools also get the exact status of the bus. The product has two main components, a GPS tracker, a mobile application for parents, and a mobile application for the transportation admins.

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For Parents


Real-time ETAs

It helps the parents reach the stop as the bus comes in. Neither too early nor too late.


Real-time Location

It helps the parents monitor the precise location of the bus.


One-App Many Schools

If your children go to different schools, multiple buses can be accessed through the same application.


Real-time Status Updates

It tells parents about when the bus started, when it arrived at the stop, when the bus is expected to arrive at the school.


No More Waiting for Bus

The parents will get to know where exactly the bus is and the precise location.


Android and iOS

Pragmagic's school bus tracker functions on both the operating systems - Android and iOS.

For Admin


Real-time ETAs

Get to know precisely when the bus arrives at the school, the estimated time of arrival, in real time.


Real-time Location

It aids the school's administration in keeping track of the bus' precise location. The admin can also see which routes the bus is taking.


Multiple Routes

Track, individually, the routes the bus is designated to. It will help the admin track multiple buses or one bus moving through multiple routes.


No calls from parents

Due to the fact that the parents know the present status of the bus, there will be fewer calls from parents inquiring about the status of the bus.


Real-time Status Updates

Comprehend the current status of the bus. When did the bus leave from school, how many stops did it make and much more.


Monitor the buses

Track the buses even when they are not passing through the assigned route but is still moving.




Pragma Track

Pragma Track is a hardware that will be attached to your vehicle physically and can be monitored or accessed through an app through your mobile phone. Along with all the basic features, this device also has unique features like distance metrics, speed history, bird’s view and much more.

How It Works


We install the GPS device on the school buses.


Our field engineers and technical support team will collect students, parents and routes data and upload it to our system.


We will notify the parents with login information. They download the app from AppStore or Playstore and should be all set!

Wondering how we are different?

We provide accurate information and ensure that everything happens according to plan. Some of the best features are available to you. In addition, we are one of the few companies who offer a free demo. Furthermore, because our products are serverless, any server issues will be eliminated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The school bus tracking system offers additional features such as route management with real time ETA’s and a parent app with ETA alerts via in-app notifications.
The benefits of Pragmagic's school bus tracking system includes increased bus safety as you have real-time location of your school bus including last & historical location, current ignition status, actual speed vs speed limits, distance the school bus has travelled etc.
Yes, We provide a comprehensive demo of our school bus trackering system. You can avail a demo at any time at no extra charge by getting in touch with us.
Yes, it is compatible with all types of vehicles such as vans, buses, etc.
Pragmagic's school bus tracking app for parents allows parents to access real-time school bus GPS location information and ETA’s from their smartphone. Parents can view arrival and departure times at every stop along the route, alerting them if buses are running late.


For Parents

For Admin